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Silvia ZUCCHELLI: List of publications

From the beginning of my career I have published 18 research articles with a total IF of 183.449, an average IF of 10.191 , total citations 521 and a h index of 10 (Web of Science). 13 of them in the last 10 years.

  1. Russo R*, Zucchelli S*, Codrich M, Marcuzzi F, Verde C, Gustincich S. (2013). Hemoglobin is present as a canonical α2β2 tetramer in dopaminergic neurons. *These authors equally contributed to the work BBA Proteins and Proteomics S1570-9639(13)00200-8. IF: 3.635. Times cited: n.d.
  2. Carrieri C*, Cimatti L*, Biagioli M, Beugnet A, Zucchelli S, Fedele S, Pesce E, Ferrer I, Collavin L, Santoro C, Forrest AR, Carninci P, Biffo S, Stupka E, Gustincich S. (2012). Long non-coding antisense RNA controls Uchl1 translation through an embedded SINEB2 repeat. Nature 491(7424):454-7. IF: 36.280. Times cited: 8
  3. Vilotti S, Codrich M, Dal Ferro M, Pinto M, Ferrer I, Collavin L, Gustincich S#, Zucchelli S#. (2012). Parkinson's disease DJ-1 L166P alters rRNA biogenesis by exclusion of TTRAP from the nucleolus and sequestration into cytoplasmic aggregates via TRAF6. #Corresponding authors. PLoS ONE 7(4):e35051. IF: 4.092. Times cited: 1
  4. Plessy C*, Pascarella G*, Bertin N*, Akalin A*, Carrieri C, Vassalli A, Lazarevic D, Severin J, Vlachouli C, Simone R, Faulkner GJ, Kawai J, Daub CO, Zucchelli S, Hayashizaki Y, Mombaerts P, Lenhard B#, Gustincich S, Carninci P. (2012). Promoter architecture of mouse olfactory receptor genes. *These authors equally contributed to the work. Genome Research 22(3):486-97. IF: 13.609. Times cited: 1
  5. Vilotti S, Biagioli M, Foti R, Dal Ferro M, Lavina ZS, Collavin L, Del Sal G, Zucchelli S#,  Gustincich S#. (2012). The PML nuclear bodies-associated protein TTRAP regulates ribosome biogenesis in nucleolar cavities upon proteasome inhibition. #Corresponding authors.  Cell Death Differ 19(3):488-500. IF: 8.849. Times cited: 2
  6. Zucchelli S, Marcuzzi F, Codrich M, Agostoni E, Vilotti S, Biagioli M, Pinto M, Carnemolla A, Santoro C, Gustincich S, Persichetti F. (2011). Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (TRAF6) associates with huntingtin protein and promotes its atypical ubiquitination to enhance aggregate formation. J Biol Chem  286(28):25108-17. IF: 4.773. Times cited: 5
  7. Zucchelli S, Codrich M, Marcuzzi F, Pinto M, Vilotti S, Biagioli M, Ferrer I,  Gustincich S. (2010). TRAF6 promotes atypical ubiquitination of mutant DJ-1 and alpha-synuclein and is localized to Lewy bodies in sporadic Parkinson's disease brains. Hum Mol Genet 2010 19(19):3759-70. IF: 7.636. Times cited: 14
  8. Foti R, Zucchelli S, Biagioli M, Roncaglia P, Vilotti S, Calligaris R, Krmac H, Girardini JE, Del Sal G, Gustincich S. (2010). Parkinson disease-associated DJ-1 is required for the expression of the glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor RET in human neuroblastoma cells. J Biol Chem 285(24):18565-74. IF: 4.773. Times cited: 9
  9. Zucchelli S, Vilotti S, Calligaris R, Lavina ZS, Biagioli M, Foti R, De Maso L, Pinto M, Gorza M, Speretta E, Casseler C, Tell G, Del Sal G, Gustincich S. (2009). Aggresome-forming TTRAP mediates pro-apoptotic properties of Parkinson's disease-associated DJ-1 missense mutations. Cell Death Differ 16(3):428-38. IF: 8.849. Times cited: 23
  10. Herrera F*, Zucchelli S*, Jezierska A*, Scotto Lavina Z, Gustincich S, Carloni P. (2007). On the oligomeric state of DJ-1 protein and its mutants associated with Parkinson Disease A combined computational and in vitro study. *These authors equally contributed to the work. J Biol Chem 282(34):24905-14. IF: 4.773. Times cited: 14
  11. Pifferi S*, Pascarella G*, Boccaccio A, Mazzatenta A, Gustincich S, Menini A, Zucchelli S. (2006). Bestrophin-2 is a candidate calcium-activated chloride channel involved in olfactory transduction.  *These authors equally contributed to the work. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 103(34):12929-34. IF: 9.681. Times cited: 73
  12. G. Hyatt, R. Melamed, R. Park, R. Seguritan, C. Laplace, L. Poirot, Zucchelli S, R. Obst, M. Matos, E. Venanzi, A. Goldrath, L. Nguyen, T. Yamagata, A. Herman, J. Jacobs, D. Mathis and C. Benoist (2006). Gene-expression microarrays: glimpses at the immunological genome. Nature Immunology 7:686-91. IF: 26.218. Times cited: 34
  13. Zucchelli S*, Holler P*, Yamagata T*, Roy M. Benoist C. and Mathis D. (2005). Defective central tolerance induction in NOD mice: genomics and genetics. *These authors equally contributed to the work.  Immunity 22: 385-396. IF: 19.266. Times cited: 94
  14. Roccasecca R., Folgori A., Ercole BB., Puntoriero G., Lahm A., Zucchelli S, Tafi R., Pezzanera M., Galfre’ G., Tramontano A., Mondelli M.U., Pessi A., Nicosia A., Cortese R. and Meola A. (2001). Mimotopes of the hyper variable region 1 of the Hepatitis C virus induce cross-reactive antibodies directed against discontinuous epitopes. Mol Immunol. 38(6): 485-492. IF: 2.980. Times cited: 22
  15. Zucchelli S, Roccasecca R., Meola A., Bruni Ercole B., Tafi R., Dubuisson J., Galfre’ G., Cortese R., and Nicosia A. (2001). Mimotopes of the hepatitis C virus hypervariable region 1, but not the natural sequences, induce cross-reactive antibody response by genetic immunization.  Hepatology 33(3): 692-703. IF: 10.734. Times cited: 33
  16. Zucchelli S, Capone S., Fattori E., Folgori A., Di Marco A., Casimiro D., Simon A.J., Laufer R., La Monica N., Cortese R., and Nicosia A. (2000). Enhancing B and T cell Immune Response to an HCV E2 DNA Vaccine by Muscle Electro Gene Transfer. Journal of Virology 74(24): 11598-607. IF: 5.332. Times cited: 93
  17. Puntoriero, G., Meola, A., Lahm, A, Zucchelli S, Bruniercole, B., Tafi, R., Pezzanera, M., Mondelli, M.U., Cortese, R., Tramontano, A., Galfre’, G. and Nicosia, A. (1998). Toward a solution for HCV Hypervariability: Mimotopes of the Hypervariable Region 1 can induce Antibodies Cross-reacting with a large number of viral variants. EMBO Journal 17: 3521-3533. IF: 8.662. Times cited: 113
  18. Gadda, G., Wels, G., Pollegioni, L., Zucchelli S, Ambrosius, D., Pilone, M.S., and Ghisla, S. (1997). Characterization of cholesterol oxidase from Streptomyces hygroscopicus and Brevibacterium sterolicum. European Journal of Biochemistry 250: 369-376. IF: 3.307. Times cited: n.d. 
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