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Giuliana PELICCI: Research interests/expertises

Research interests

In our lab we follow two major lines of research:

  1. Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and lethal type of glioma in adults. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been isolated in GBM but no marker or pattern of markers is still sufficiently robust to definitively identify CSCs.
    Using CSCs isolated from human GBM samples our projects aim to i) identify proteins involved in GBM generation and progression, ii) study potential CSC markers that could be used in clinical applications.
  2. Brain metastases are the most common malignancy of the CNS. The knowledge of the biology regulating brain metastasis is fragmentary. Using brain metastases derived from breast tumors our projects aim to 
      1. identify specific molecular alterations in the brain metastases; 
      2. understand the mechanisms of organ-specific metastatic program: study of the relevance of the blood-brain barrier and/or the specific niche in brain metastases formation; 
      3. define the molecular subtypes that identify patients at high risk of developing brain metastases. 



Our lab is performing both basic and translational cancer research in the fields of brain tumors, neural stem cells and cancer stem cells (CSCs).

Dr. Pelicci has been working since many years on neural stem cells, human brain tumors and on the role of the SHC family of adaptor proteins in signal transduction. She used several sophisticated approaches to study stem cell functions in vitro and in vivo, in mice.

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