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Corrado Magnani: Curriculum Vitae

Corrado Magnani was born in 1953 and graduated in Medicine (top marks) in 1979. He is specialist in Occupational Medicine and in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine.



Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Eastern Piedmont at Novara and Director of the Unit of Cancer Epidemiology of the teaching hospital (A.O. “Maggiore della Carità”) of Novara.



He published over 170 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

His research activity focused on the effects of occupational and environmental exposure to asbestos and on the epidemiology of childhood cancer.



The program on the effects of environmental exposure to asbestos is the conclusion of a long-standing commitment on the evaluation of asbestos related diseases after occupational, domestic and environmental exposure to asbestos. The program started in 1985 with an occupational cohort study of workers in an asbestos cement factory. In the following years other studies were conducted, namely: a cohort study on the wives of the asbestos-cement workers, a registry of incidence of mesothelioma in Piedmont, a study on the asbestos fibre burden for residents in the area ; and two case-control studies on malignant mesothelioma. The second case control study was part of a European multicentre case control study. These studies provided information on the risk of mesothelioma after environmental (non-occupational) exposure.

Current studies include

    1. The analysis of the geographical distribution of the risk of mesothelioma, 
    2. The analysis of mesothelioma risk after cessation of asbestos exposure
    3. The evaluation (on a population-basis) of the interaction of asbestos exposure with DNA repair polymorphism and SV40 virus infection in the etiology of malignant mesothelioma.

The program on asbestos and mesothelioma received contributions from IARC, EEC, Italian funding agencies and local administration. All grants were received after competitive evaluation.

The Registry of Malignant Mesotelioma of Piedmont is part of the Italian Registry of Malignant Mesothelioma (ReNaM).



In 1998-2008 he was the scientific co-ordinator of the Childhood Cancer Registry of Piedmont (RTI). The RTI is the largest childhood cancer registry inSouthern Europe. It is active since 1967 and its data have been included in the major reports on international incidence of childhood cancer (Parkin et al 1988; Parkin et al 1998). RTI provides incidence and survival rates on a population basis at regular intervals and is the basis for studies on side effects, quality of life and etiology. Current studies are focused on the evaluation of trends in cancer incidence and survival; geographic variation of incidence; long term survival and quality of life; long term effects, including the second primary malignancies; and mortality in the cohort of parents of childhood cancer cases.


The Italian Multicentric Case Control Study on Childhood Leukemia, Lymphoma and Neuroblastoma (SETIL) is an epidemiologic multicentric study in progress to investigate the risk factors for childhood leukaemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and neuroblastoma. The study focuses on exposure to ELF-EMF, ionising radiation, chemicals (solvents, benzene, passive tobacco smoke, traffic pollution, insecticides), parental occupation, medical history, diet, crowding, infections, immunisation. The study is completed, data were collected in 15 Italian regions (about 75% of Italian population is interested) with over 2000 families interviewed. Data analysis and report publication is in progress.

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