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Annalisa CHIOCCHETTI: Research interests/Expertises

She has been working on mechanisms involved in development of autoimmune diseases since 2000 starting from the observation that inherited defects of lymphocyte apoptosis can be involved in development of several autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. Search for gene alterations favouring development of autoimmune pattern brought to detection of variants of osteopontin that favour development of these diseases. The variants of the osteopontin gene induce secretion of high levels of this cytokine that can inhibit lymphocyte apoptosis. Recent advances point to OPN as a target for new therapeutic frontiers.

Co-author of 48 papers on international journals with editorial board.

Total IF=251; H index=15 (source Scopus).

1 international patent (PCT/1B2007/003624 DMB-4636-128).

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