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Gianluca GAIDANO: Research interests/Expertises

Research interests

The main research interests are in the field of translational hematology and specifically concern:

  • Discovery of new genes and molecular alterations involved in the pathogenesis of tumors of the lymphoid system, including leukemias and lymphoma
  • Application of genome wide technologies (next generation sequencing, SNP array, …) to the design of innovative strategies for the diagnosis and prognostic stratification of lymphoid neoplasia
  • Molecular pathogenesis of virus-related lymphoid tumors


Other research interests concern:

  • Development of innovative therapeutic strategies for hematologic malignancies
  • Identification of genetic predictors of refractoriness to chemotherapy in leukemia and lymphoma



  • Molecular diagnostics of cancer
  • Genetics of lymphoid tumors
  • DNA and RNA sequencing analysis (Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing)
  • Molecular cytogenetics and SNP array
  • Clinical trial conduction
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