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University of Piemonte Orientale

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Tuition Fees

University taxes , which depends on family income payable in two instalments:

  • 1st instalment: (university taxes including virtual stamp tax);
    (regional contribution for the Right to University Education)
  • 2nd instalment: fees depending on family income.


The fee covers only the costs of enrolment, tuition, examinations and graduation. It does not cover the costs of accommodation, transport, food or study materials.


Notice for the students of the first year of Master in Medical Biotechnologies

  • Internship notice and form are available for download

  • Three optional basic courses have been activated:
    1. The cell (Prof. FOLLENZI Antonia)
    2. Basic genetics (Prof. GIORDANO Mara)
    3. Background of immunology (Prof. DIANZANI Umberto

    Attendance to these courses is highly suggested.

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