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The Course In Brief

Medical Biotechnologies


The Course in Medical Biotechnologies is designed to prepare graduate students with a solid chemical and biological knowledge, with particular interest in the pathophysiological and diagnostic contexts. The course aims to provide interdisciplinary lessons based on various fields of biotechnologies of medical interest, with particular emphasis on basic research, diagnostics, therapeutics and regenerative medicine.

The educational objectives of the Course are focused to achieve a graduate preparation that will enable the student to :

  • Have a good basic understanding of complex biological systems, studied at the molecular and cellular level, in particular related to humans;
  • Possess the cultural background and the multidisciplinary experimental techniques that characterize the biotechnological environment for the production of services through the use of biological systems;
  • Possess adequate skills for communication and information management in the international arena;
  • Be able to work in team, maintaining a solid operative autonomy
This is Schools Diazo Plone Theme