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Endocrinology and Metabolism

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Degree program:

Course in Medical Biotechnologies









Comprehensive course:

Fertility, reproduction and endocrine system biotechnologies

Academic year:



Course objectives

Aims of the Course are to provide the Student with broad knowledge on the theoretical, technical and clinically-oriented aspects of the endocrine system and main endocrinopathies, to enhance awareness of the basic sciences and research techniques underpinning endocrinology and metabolism, as well as to transfer information on latest Literature evidence and critical appraisal of novel biotechniques applicable to this discipline.


Knowledge and skills expectations

Fundamental knowledge in the areas of Anatomy, Physiology and General Pathology preliminary to learning Endocrinology.


Course program

The endocrine system. The importance of biotechnologies for classification, characterization, understanding and treatment of endocrine diseases.

Pituitary axes, hypothalamo-pituitary neoplasms, genetic disorders. Pharmaceutical targeting, combined approaches. Neuroendocrine tumors. Pharmaceutical approach. Molecular therapies.

Thyroid dysfunctions, sporadic and familial diseases, thyroid nodules and tumors.

Adrenal physiology, glucocorticoid and mineralcorticoid-related diseases, sporadic and genetic disorders of the adrenal medulla.

Pathophysiology and causes of obesity and diabetes mellitus, endocrine disrupting chemicals, neuroendocrine control of energy expenditure and appetite, metabolic syndrome, adipocytes, central and peripheral pharmaceutical targets.

Gonadal dysfunctions, hypogonadisms, policystic ovary syndrome


Practical training



Optional activities



Course materials

Power-point presentations. Scientific articles from peer-reviewed journals.


Required texbooks / Bibliographic resources

Eric I. Felner, Guillermo E. Umpierrez. Endocrine pathophysiology. Lippincott Williams And Wilkins (12/2013)


Methods of evaluation

The final exam for the course of Fertility, Reproduction and Endocrine System Biotechnologies will be done in a single session according to the prescheduled yearly timetable.

It will consist of a written exam, and will include two consecutive tests, one for each subject of the course with lecturers present during the tests.

Each test will consist of three statements queries, each statement will require a 5-to-10 lines answer.

The maximum time allowed for each test will be 30 mins (one hour total).

Test results will be available the day after the exam.


Notice for the students of the first year of Master in Medical Biotechnologies

  • Internship notice and form are available for download

  • Three optional basic courses have been activated:
    1. The cell (Prof. FOLLENZI Antonia)
    2. Basic genetics (Prof. GIORDANO Mara)
    3. Background of immunology (Prof. DIANZANI Umberto

    Attendance to these courses is highly suggested.

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